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Storytel wants to give new life to Storytel Originals – the audiobook subscription service Storytel’s own exclusive audio content – in formats such as film, TV, theater and gaming.

Storytel’s vision is to make the world a more empathetic place with great stories to be shared by anyone, anywhere and anytime. Storytel now adds to the vision by giving new audiences the opportunity to enjoy these great stories in more formats than audio. 

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Here are some fantastic stories we really love at the moment

Stockholm Psycho

What would you do if your best friend wanted help with getting rid of a body? Karin’s monotonous life comes to an abrupt end when she receives the call from her successful friend Viktoria who desperately asks for precisely that. The two friends’ posh way of living collides with nightly missions all over Stockholm, trying to get rid of body parts. But as their morale slowly bends, will their friendship survive? And has Victoria had her own agenda all along?

Author: Anna Bågstam

Ellen Holms: Private Eye

Former teacher Ellen Holms has just served a prison sentence for causing the death of one of her students. The case made national news  and many want to see her locked up for life. So that’s why her plan is to lay low. Go to the new job as a park ranger, take the detective course the rehabilitation board forced her to take, and not dwell on the past. But that’s easier said than done. Old relationships are knocking at the door and one day she receives an unpleasant letter. The sender is someone who can’t forget, and certainly can’t forgive. The police don’t take her seriously, and suddenly the skills from her detective course become crucial to staying alive.

Author: Nicolet Steemers

80 pounds of love

A small group of people with different backgrounds meet to go for dog walks together in a green area in their suburb. Their paths would probably never have been crossed if it wasn’t for their dogs and the walks. Through the walks they become friends and when the area is threatened because of building plans they join forces to save their oasis in the suburb. We get to follow them together but also the four main characters own stories and struggles.

Author: Felicia Welander

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