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Storytel Original Blood Queen a Global success

Storytel Storytel Original Blood Queen has performed great globally and we are now looking for a home for the Film/TV rights for this amazing story about Countess Elizabeth Bathory. She had power and wealth running through her veins. She rules her vast estates with an iron fist and fierce intelligence, protecting her family and the people who depend on her. But rumours where spreading… and bodies where mounting up. Why did young servant girls die wherever the Countess went? Was she a witch? Or just cursed?

Sherlock Holmes is back in a new suite – a Storytel suite

The world’s most iconic and beloved detective is ready for new adventures, in the long-awaited first part of Storytel’s trilogy Becoming Sherlock, The Red Circle.
The story takes place in a future where London is decayed. Sherlock Holmes wakes up from unconsciousness to the news of a plane crash with hundreds of victims in the middle of the city.
He doesn’t know who he is, but his detection skills are extraordinary.
The Red Circle will be released exclusively on Storytel on December 7 2023

New life to Storytel Originals so they suite Film/TV better

We have rewritten a small selection of Storytel Originals so they are more suitable for the Film/TV media. The dramaturgy has been changed slightly to suit Film/TV better and we have also changed some local writings to be more globally viable and made the stories more like a script for Film/TV. If you are interested in these Storytel Originals rewritten for Film/TV, please contact us.

Hakan Super Brakan selected for Cartoon Forum 2022

Nuttery Entertainment’s animated series project “Hakan Super Brakan” has been accepted by the Selection Committee and will be presented during the 2022 edition of Cartoon Forum. The project is based on the successful book series by best-selling author-duo Sören & Anders published audiobook streamer Storytel.

The 2022 edition of Cartoon Forum will be held in Toulouse, France, and starts on the 19th of September.

A full list of project that has been accepted to the event can be found here:

Brazilian Fever!

Our Brazilian Storytel Original “Wonder Woman” (Mulher Maravilha) by author Chico Felitti has been licensed for print and optioned for audio visual format.

This amazing story is about one of the biggest Brazilian stars from TV and Radio, Elke Maravilha, who passed away in 2015. She spent more than 30 years working within television in multiple forms. Everybody knows, loves and remembers Elke Maravilha as the craziest but also nicest woman within TV and Chico Felitti really gives her the dignified, truthful portrayal she deserves.

Chico Felitti, one of the most important contemporary Brazilian journalists and author of the bestseller Ricardo & Vania and winner of the Petrobras Journalist Awards of 2018, has in this Storytel Original dug deeper into Elke Maravilhas life. He has, together with great research of her life been adding interviews that he made with her in the 2000´s, one of the few journalists that had the opportunity and access to do this, and actually got to talk to and open the so well hidden door to her life.

Print rights are sold to Todavia livros and the Film/TV Option is sold to Brigitte Films. 

Also the Brazilian Storytel Original “Queens of the Night” (“Rainhas da noite) written by Chico Felitti is sold for Film/TV via an Option to RT Features.

Viva o Brasil !!!

New beginning and new opportunities 2022!

We welcome this new year, 2022, with enthusiasm, curiosity and plenty of news.

We are, among other things, excited about finding the right collaboration partners for print in the Nordics and  to give audio visual life to our heart and honor project Sherlock Holmes.

We will during the beginning of 2022 deep dive into our Kids Storytel Originals and also give our licensed child IP “Håkan Bråkan”, by beloved children’s authors Anders Jacobsson and Sören Olsson, a new illustrated as well as animated life.


And we will of course keep on searching for the right partners for our Storytel Original format within the publishing and film / TV and theater industry.

So let 2022 begin !

Storytel Originals take the stage!

We at Storytel Agency are proud to announce a set of stories that already have or will soon be staged in different theaters in Sweden and Mexico.

In Asesina íntima, author Bernardo Esquinca mixes fact and fiction to explore the life and crimes of ‘La Mataviejitas’, a Mexican professional wrestler who was found guilty of committing multiple murders of women over 60 years old. This Storytel Original novel will be set up on stage by producer Cristina Vazquez who is the director of Contenidos Artísticos Producción y Difusión. Asesina Intima has also been published in Spanish as a print edition.  

Freak by Karina Berg will be staged by a Swedish school class at Midgårdsskolan in Umeå to begin with after which the play has a chance of being staged at the local municipal theater. Freak is an intriguing story about Rachel, an excellent high school student with perfect grades, who one night gets attacked in the park. The new student Daniel is instantly a suspect. What is going on? 

Miras magic notebook by Johanna Schreiber will have its premiere in Spring 2022 at Teater Tabberas, a Swedish children’s . It’s a story about Mira who gets a notebook as a gift. At first, it seems to be just a regular book but when Mira starts to write a question in the book, the book replies. It’s pure magic!

Stackars Birger by Martina Montelius had a premier at Örebro theater, Sweden, in September 2020. This Storytel Original was written during the #metoo autumn and has been called the first Swedish #metoo novel.

We at the Storytel Agency are on a mission to give our Storytel Originals new life in different formats. If you’re interested in licensing Storytel Originals for execution in  print, TV, Film or any other new format, we at the Storytel Agency are here to help you.

New print deals for Storytel Originals

Storytel Agency gives new life to Storytel Originals in formats such as film, TV, theatre, gaming and print. We are delighted to announce a new set of print licensing agreements with our dedicated external publishing partners around the world. 

How to Learn to Fly in Your Dreams (Unissa lentämisen opas, Finland) by Emilia Lehtinen is a guide to anyone wishing to embark on joy filled flights. Everyone can learn to fly – in their dreams – and once you have it mastered, it feels like it is for real. This SO for kids will be published in print by Avain publishing house in Finland. 

Bert’s desperate diary (Berts desperata dagbok, Sweden) by Sören Olsson and Anders Jacobsson is the secret diary of the hormone-mad teenager Bert Ljung! Bert hangs out with friends Åke and Lill-Erik, plays with his band Heman Hunters and is mostly hopelessly in love – with whom varies. Love, embarrassment and hormones – welcome to Bert’s world! The diary will be published in Finnish by Avain publishing house.

People like us (Gente como yo, Mexico) by José Ignacio Valenzuela is a touching novel about Mauricio and Jimmy who meet in Miami and fall passionately in love. After 13 years of a solid life as a couple, only one thing seems to overshadow their relationship: they want to become parents. The problem is that for people like Mauricio and like Jimmy it will not be so easy to start a family.  Will they achieve their goal? People like us will be published in print by Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial in Chile. 

If you’re interested in licensing Storytel Originals to print, tv/film, theatre play or any other new format, we at the Storytel Agency are here to help you.

Storytel Agency teams up with Nuttery Entertainment to give new animated life to the kid IP “Håkan Bråkan”

Nuttery Entertainment Signs Exclusive Deal To Develop The Iconic Swedish Kids IP ‘Håkan Bråkan’ for Animation. 

Karlstad / Toronto-based animation studio The Nuttery Entertainment has signed an exclusive agreement with Storytel, one of the world’s largest audiobook publishers, for the animated and ancillary rights for the iconic kids IP Håkan Bråkan. This beloved legacy property with over 30 standalone books is now making the jump into animation for the first time.

Together with Håkan Bråkan’s creators, and the popular children’s and YA book authors, Sören Olsson and Anders Jacobsson, The Nuttery Entertainment is developing an animated series. The animated series will be based on completely new material but will take inspiration from the body of work created so far around the character. The series’ focus will be on the main character and his fantastic and exaggerated world full of adventure and it will be aimed at an international audience. 

“It is humbling and an incredible privilege to work on such an amazing IP as Håkan Bråkan. This kid is the standout character in the highly successful Andersson Family universe, combining heart, curiosity, imagination, and crazy antics. Can’t wait for kids all over the world to fall in love with the unique hero that Sören and Anders have created”, says Magnus Jansson, co-founder and CEO of Nuttery Entertainment 

“It is very inspiring and engaging to step into Håkan-Bråkan’s fantastic world. There is so much heart and recognition in the stories. It is a wonderful opportunity to work with Storytel and Sören and Anders to create new stories for animation. The series have a lot of warmth and excitement, adventure and laughter ”, says Erik Öhrner, co-founder and producer at Nuttery Entertainment 

“Animation is by far the best way to further develop our character Håkan Bråkan and his imaginative world. We are convinced that Håkan Bråkan will be a perfect fit for this medium. The collaboration with Nuttery Entertainment feels very inspiring! It is fun to be part of brainstorming ideas and developing completely new stories about Håkan Bråkan — who is transformed into Super Bråkan when you least expect it! ”, says Sören Olsson / Anders Jacobsson 

The animation development is taking place alongside Storytel’s major push of Anders Jacobsson and Sören Olsson’s authorship, where several new books are planned. As recently announced, Nordic Film will release two new live-action movies based on Håkan Bråkan, the first one releasing next year. 

“It’s super exciting that Anders and Sören’s stories about Håkan-Bråkan are becoming an animated series! One of our goals is to have our fantastic content reach out to audiences in new and creative ways and Nuttery Entertainment is the perfect partner to help us do this,” says Sara Hasselström at Storytel Agency.

Nuttery Entertainment will develop and executive produce the animated series alongside Storytel, with Sören and Anders onboard to help craft the creative materials. The project will be approaching co-producers early next year. 

Håkan Bråkan got his first solo book in 1998 and since then over 30 books have been released, with one live-action series produced by SVT along with a follow-up live-action feature film. 

Press contact: 

Erik Öhrner, Producer, Nuttery Entertainment 

+46 735158223 | | 

About Nuttery Entertainment 

Nuttery Entertainment is an indie studio creating premium content by bringing together world-class creative and top-tier partnerships. The studio has a focus on games and animation entertainment across different genres and age groups. The Nuttery was founded by award-winning writer/director Magnus Jansson and producer Erik Öhrner. More information about the company can be found at 

About Sören and Anders 

Sören and Anders’ books about Sune, Bert and Håkan Bråkan have been published in 25 countries and have sold over 12 million copies. Year after year, their books top the libraries charts of most borrowed books, making Sören and Anders two of Sweden’s most read children’s book authors. Their books about “Sune” occupied a total of 11 spots on Storytels top-20 chart of the most listened to children’s books in 2018. 

About Storytel 

Storytel is one of the world’s largest subscribed audiobook and e-book streaming services and offers listening and reading of more than 700,000 titles on a global scale. Our vision is to make the world a more empathetic and creative place with great stories to be shared and enjoyed by anyone, anywhere and anytime. Storytel’s streaming business is conducted under the brands Storytel and Mofibo. Storytel’s publishing business area is carried out through the audiobook publisher StorySide and acclaimed Nordic publishing houses such as Norstedts, People’s and Gummerus. Storytel operates in 25 markets around the globe and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.