New print deals for Storytel Originals

Storytel Agency gives new life to Storytel Originals in formats such as film, TV, theatre, gaming and print. We are delighted to announce a new set of print licensing agreements with our dedicated external publishing partners around the world. 

How to Learn to Fly in Your Dreams (Unissa lentämisen opas, Finland) by Emilia Lehtinen is a guide to anyone wishing to embark on joy filled flights. Everyone can learn to fly – in their dreams – and once you have it mastered, it feels like it is for real. This SO for kids will be published in print by Avain publishing house in Finland. 

Bert’s desperate diary (Berts desperata dagbok, Sweden) by Sören Olsson and Anders Jacobsson is the secret diary of the hormone-mad teenager Bert Ljung! Bert hangs out with friends Åke and Lill-Erik, plays with his band Heman Hunters and is mostly hopelessly in love – with whom varies. Love, embarrassment and hormones – welcome to Bert’s world! The diary will be published in Finnish by Avain publishing house.

People like us (Gente como yo, Mexico) by José Ignacio Valenzuela is a touching novel about Mauricio and Jimmy who meet in Miami and fall passionately in love. After 13 years of a solid life as a couple, only one thing seems to overshadow their relationship: they want to become parents. The problem is that for people like Mauricio and like Jimmy it will not be so easy to start a family.  Will they achieve their goal? People like us will be published in print by Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial in Chile. 

If you’re interested in licensing Storytel Originals to print, tv/film, theatre play or any other new format, we at the Storytel Agency are here to help you.