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Our Storytel Originals are inspired by the episodic structure of audiovisual serial content. We create tight and sticky stories with cliffhangers and intense moments, and with grand characters you want to engage in. The stories are developed together with the author in a work process similar to film and TV. The writer’s creativity together with our knowledge about consumer behaviour makes this a successful collaborative process. Below is a curated selection of our close to 1000 stories and concepts in all genres.

The Joy of Snack

When housewife Elli places an order on a Chinese shopping site, she has no idea, that this simple purchase is going to turn her life on its head. Instead of a cheap sequinned jumper she receives a truckload of energy bars – which turn out to be a miracle cure for women’s sex-lives. Elli and her friends soon start a flourishing business selling the snacks, but unfortunately the Chinese want the shipment back, which was originally intended for a Russian investor. Now the women not only have a sex-crazed town to deal with, they also need to fight off a whole league of adversaries…

Author: Paula Henny

Blood Queen

When the prominent warlord and husband of Lady Elizabeth Bathory is killed she has to fight for her lands and wealth. The King and his men are immediately in cahoots to grab whatever she owns, including her young daughters.
In the castle of Čachtice, Elizabeth is running an infirmary to help the locals and staff. Anna Dervulia, a healer and forest witch, enters her world and offers her help, Elizabeth can’t resist. But as soon as Anna arrives, several diseases spread and people start to talk about Anna as a witch, working black magic.
The King who owes Elizabeth an enormous amount of gold refuses to pay her back, now that her husband is out of the way. Instead he threatens her and sends his closest man Thurzó to persuade her to give in and let the King take over.
Elizabeth refuses and turns to Anna’s dark power, she is sucked into a world of blood and sacrifice fighting for her life to keep up with traitors and spies, darkness and betrayal.

Author: Anna Lea

Becoming Sherlock

The world’s most iconic and beloved detective is ready for new adventures, in the long-awaited first part of Storytel’s trilogy Becoming Sherlock, The Red Circle.
The story takes place in a future where London is decayed. Sherlock Holmes wakes up from unconsciousness to the news of a plane crash with hundreds of victims in the middle of the city.
He doesn’t know who he is, but his detection skills are extraordinary.

Author: Anthony Horowitz & Sarah J. Naughton

Irina och jag

This is the true story of Jessica and Irina, two young women from two completely different worlds who are united by a dark destiny and whose friendship gives them the power to defeat everything.

Jessica lived the perfect life, married, two wonderful children and lived in a beautiful villa in the city’s finest quarter. From the outside, she looked like she was living like a princess. No one could guess that her life was a prison.
One day she heard about Irina, a young Russian woman who had been taken to Sweden by a man who kept her hidden in a small apartment as his “mistress”.

Through unlikely paths, the two young women become best friends and their friendship gives them the strength to break away to start building their lives, on their own terms.
But their paths diverge – Irina moves back to Russia and the years pass. Until one day many years later, Jessica finds a crumpled note that she got from Irina back then, in what now feels like another life. And the story of their friendship takes a new turn…

Author: Jessica Springfeldt Råket

Murder in the Mountains

To her surprise, mystery writer Henny Hoff finds herself in a high mountain hotel. She can’t even ski! It is her friend Magda who has invited her along. Magda has been left out in the cold by the police – literally – and has been put on a nonsense assignment: to monitor the Swedish national ski shooting team’s preparations for the Olympics. So instead of a lovely sun holiday, Henny is now in the mountains, in the luxury hotel enjoying the fresh mountain air and the stunning views. Not to mention hot chocolate and an exciting mystery novel in front of the fire. But when the skiers arrive, it soon becomes clear that the mood within the group is tense. And that accidents rarely come alone. When lives are on the line, the most important thing is no longer to participate, but to survive. Murder in the Mountains is the second book in the crime series featuring mystery writer Henny Hoff.

Author: Madeleine Gustafsson 

Find Me When the Tide Turns

Everything is different since the accident. What use is the yearly family holiday to the Dutch coast now that Felix’ mom and brother have passed? Felix reluctantly travels to Noordwijk, with his dad as his only travel companion. Felix feels unhappy and alone. Felix’ father, an American hotel magnate, is burying his head in work. Now that his oldest son has died, Felix is the candidate to follow in his footsteps. The fact that Felix disagrees, is something he refuses to hear. Then Felix meets the mysterious Mark, with whom he feels an immediate connection. Felix feels freed in Marks presence, but can he help Mark in return, by battling the demons of his past? ‘Find Me When the Tide Turns’ is a heartbreaking coming-of-age story for young adults about the close love between two boys who are searching for a place in a society made solely for ‘successful’ people.

Author: Eva Burgers


Herta has worked as a maid on a farm since childhood, but daydreams of a different life. When she is 16, she is raped by the farmer’s son Anders. She becomes pregnant, is forced to give up the child after birth and loses her job. As a lonely, unemployed woman, life seems hopeless. By chance she is offered a position as a medical attendant at the modern sanatorium, and is given the opportunity to start a new life. Now that she’s starting to earn her own money, maybe she can eventually get her son back and make a home for them both? It’s a time of upheaval for Herta, where she faces trials she could never have imagined. But she also gets a taste of what she wants most: freedom. At the sanatorium she meets, among others, the carefree nurse Kristin, the innovative and handsome Danish doctor Vagn, the bitter and harsh head nurse Esther and, of course, the tuberculosis patients, whom she often gets close to and some of whom lose their battle against the difficult disease. The Story of Herta is a gripping historical romance about a young, headstrong woman’s struggle for independence and the right to her own life in 1910’s Sweden.
Author: Anna Sundbeck Klav

Who killed me

Story is told by Berke Beyaz. He is dead, actually killed by one of his neighbors and he tells us the story of how he got killed.

Berke is in his thirties, a successful manager at a big company. He is popular with the ladies, he earns well and lives alone. The building he lives in makes up the setting of the story and is in the middle of everything. We get to meet with all his neighbors who are all and see Berke’s relationship with them.

Author: Burcu Arman

Mission to Mars

In an exciting, adventurous way, 6 characters tell the story of the first humans travelling and living on Mars in 2043. During the landing, the rocket loses one of its landing pillows, which destroys their water robot and therefore water supply. What will they do to survive?

It’s not possible yet, but it won’t take long anymore: when you’re all grown up, humans will probably live on mars. But how will we get there? And how will we live there? Actually, we already know quite a lot about that, because scientists are already preparing for the journey. So, let’s pretend it’s 2043 already. Come along to the future! Let’s listen to discover who’ll go on the mission to Mars!

Author: The science magazine Quest Junior

The Gourmet Sisters

Somewhere in the Mediterranean coast four sisters are running a restaurant. They cook like angels and while preparing the food they get to hear fabulous stories told by the customers from all corners of the world. One day a curious young man, Max, enters the restaurant and the lives of the lonely sisters. With his enigmatic appearance he causes disorder of all kinds – not least emotional one. The Gourmet Sisters is a story told by the fours sisters Antonella, Rebeka, Julia and Silvi. It is a story about family secrets that begins in the war and ends up in the kitchen of a prestigious, world-famous restaurant. Through the sisters the author weaves a multifaceted plot with a high level of sensuality and mystery. It mixes the secret of haute cuisine, political thriller, industrial espionage and amorous jealousy, as well as the theme of emigration.

Author: Vicente Molina Foix


Sixty years after the biological accident that killed thirty percent of the population, death has become a lucrative business. The dead people are no longer buried or cremated, but sublimated and released into the atmosphere in the form of a harmless gas. Those who cannot afford to pay for this kind of sublimation are forced to hand over the bodies of their loved ones to science, without knowing where they will end up or what they will do with them. This is the case of Leon, a young man from the suburbs who will do what ever it takes to find the corpse of his sister to give her a dignified farewell. At the same time, Dante Hermo must fight his own battle as the new manager of the Central Bank of the Dead. A fortuitous event leads him to discover a complex corruption scheme related to donated bodies. To confront the rotten reality that surrounds him, Dante will count on a mysterious ally, journalist Elia Melgar. Together they will investigate a network of threats and trafficking of information that can only be fought with the oldest and most powerful weapon of humanity: information.

Author: Clara Peñalver


A nurse is killed during a night shift in a psychiatric institution on the outskirts of Stockholm. The same night, a young patient escapes from the secure unit at the hospital. Among those who are ordered to investigate the case is detective sergeant Harriet Jaatinen, who is of Finnish descent and is on sick leave from her work within the Stockholm police. Someone seems to want Harriet to be the one investigating the murder, but why? Can the answer be uncovered in Harriet’s past and in the untold truths surrounding her family back in Finland?

Author: Meritta Koivisto

The Gifted

New York City. The not-so-distant future. Aiden is convinced he is losing his mind. Since going on a hiking trip to get over a break-up, he keeps having weird blackouts. During one of these episodes, he apparently beat up some random guy and now has to do community service. Not the best situation for a lawyer who just lost his job. But one day he makes the acquaintance of two mysterious persons, Jade and Ferguson, who claim that he is not going mad, but rather that he is “gifted”. Aidan has supernatural powers, and as the world is out of balance, and natural disasters have become part of everyday life, it is the duty of Aidan and other gifted people, to restore the balance between humans and nature. They invite him to join a training camp in the woods, where he can learn to control his powers …
Wanda has never felt close to anyone, but lately she experiences weird connections between her and a few random strangers. When a mysterious man named Nate seeks her out and tells her that these connections are not a figment of her imagination, but rather the manifestation of special powers, she is at first deeply suspicious. Nate is the messenger of Xenia Owen, a powerful magician whose goal it is to teach the gifted to use her powers responsibly. Nate offers Wanda a lot of money for tracking down the persons she feels connected to, and she eventually accepts – out of curiosity, and because she is broke. When her search yields results Wanda is delighted, particularly as she feels attracted to a young man named Patrick. But then Patrick disappears without a trace. Wanda learns that there is a splinter group of gifted people called “New World”, who have set up training camps in Canada, where they brainwash their recruits and retrain them for their own, dark purposes.

Author: L. S. Kaufmann


Frida Kahlo de Rivera was a Mexican artist who painted many portraits, self-portraits, and works inspired by the nature and artifacts of Mexico. Inspired by the country’s popular culture, she employed a naïve folk art style to explore questions of identity, postcolonialism, gender, class, and race in Mexican society. Her paintings often had strong autobiographical elements and mixed realism with fantasy. In addition to belonging to the post-revolutionary Mexicayotl movement, which sought to define a Mexican identity, Kahlo has been described as a surrealist or magical realist.

This is the story of her last months in life, a fictional biography in first person where we get to know the genius, and the emotions and thoughts she had.

Author: Carmen Domingo

Bottoms up

Former brilliant detective Peter goes through day to day. He lost his job, his family and his ability to manage his life. The ghosts of Peter’s horrifying past are chasing him. Alcohol is the only thing that drives him.
But when his daughter tries to commit suicide, his instinct for love and care awakens. An unexpected case gives Peter a chance to begin the change. Peter succeeds in proving an enigmatic woman’s secret affair, while uncovering the criminal acts of other people involved.


Author: Anna Peeva


In order to expiate the sins in his past life, Daniel, a cold-blooded assassin, forces his female victims into committing ritualistic suicides. He is employed by a criminal community called Fennia, that swears by the ancient beliefs of the Forest Finns. Soon Daniel gets new neighbours in the form of 10-year-old Elisa and her mother Camilla, who are also at the grip of the cruel Fennia community. Little by little, Daniel starts to understand his past and what it all boils down to.

When Elisa and Camilla find themselves in trouble, Daniel has to decide whether to help them or to go against them. His decision takes him and Camilla from Helsinki all the way to the woodlands of Sweden and to a Fennia campsite, where horrific actions are imminent.

Author: Petja Lähde and Lassi Vierikko


In a future post-apocalyptic nation where the strong security in society no longer exists a group has landed in the mountains. They must establish a camp, provide food and decide how to survive. Quite soon one of their personal belongings and some of the food are stolen and this starts a conflict among them. They find out that there is a thirteenth person nearby, Stanger. He claims to be a hiker, but they discover that he has pictures of dead people on his phone, and he tells them that a big epidemic disease has broken out in the city.
Meanwhile Gina falls in love with Certo, her best friend’s boyfriend. She is now afraid that her friend, Angie, knows about it, as Angie – as well as everyone else – can follow her and read her mind – due to the third eye.

Author: Ida-Marie Rendtorff

80 pounds of love

A small group of people with different backgrounds meet to go for dog walks together in a green area in their suburb. Their paths would probably never have been crossed if it wasn’t for their dogs and the walks. Through the walks they become friends and when the area is threatened because of building plans they join forces to save their oasis in the suburb. We get to follow them together but also the four main characters own stories and struggles.

Author: Felicia Welander

The White

A once in a century blizzard hits the Tatry Mountains with astounding force. A lonely man is lost in the snow storm, going blind, quickly running out of strength and hope. On the verge of collapsing he sees the lights of a hotel and stumbles inside, to the amazement of people trapped there by the blizzard. Soon after the mysterious man appears, a body is found on the top floor. Someone has been murdered. The guests that stay at the hotel know that one of them did it.

Author: Piotr Jedliński

Just Masa

Masa returns to his homeland, Japan, after a long absence. For many decades, Masa was an assistant detective, Erast Fandorin, in Russia.
Masa immediately finds himself in the center of mysterious events; the clues are in the distant past. The reward for our hero is the love of a beautiful stranger, who turns out to be the key to all the clues to the mysterious events of the past.

Author: Boris Akunin


The divorce went surprisingly smoothly. Pragmatic lawyer Max and the impulsive painter Lola just weren’t a good match, that they agree on. But the ink on the divorce papers has barely dried, when circumstances force them to move back in together. They soon find out that living with your ex isn’t exactly great for your dating life…

Author: Susan Stam

Till death do us part

After a heavy marital quarrel ends in physical violence, in the middle of the night, Linda flees her own house and drives to their second home, a farm in a French forest.

Thinking that a little cool-off period in her romantic holiday home is just what she needs, she doesn’t know that her husband, Joost, is getting madder and madder, and finally decides to chase her.

While Linda is overthinking her life and the decisions she’s made, fate is arriving at her doorstep…

Author: Tineke Beishuizen


When Lovisas father suddenly dies her life changes rapidly. As a minister in the government he had a strong position in high society in Stockholm and Lovisa is raised with the belief that she can do anything she wants. She soon realize that nothing will turn out the way she hopes. The people who used to kiss her cheek now turn their backs towards her and when her father is postmortally accused of treason Lovisa and her mother have to escape. To save their family name and secure their money her mother Sigrid decides to marry the baron of a castle in the Swedish countryside. But everything changes when they get there, and Lovisa is undeniably drawn to the young coachman…

Author: Veronica Almer

Anonymous Society of sea swimmers

This story is about the brilliant Russian poker player Vladimir Tarlo, who by the accident becomes a special agent in the secret service for the King of Monaco in the end of the 19th century. It’s an unpredictable story, next to a fairy tale. Where Vladimir works with ex circus performer, ex king’s bodyguard, and all sorts of con men from all over the world to maintain his role.

Author: Vladimir Svergin


After a heavy and bitter defeat against the Russian army in the Great Northern War the Swedish king, Karl XII, seeks refuge in the Ottoman Empire. Despite Russian threats, Ottomans welcome king Karl XII.

The Swedish kings guard, Gustav, and the daughter of İsmail Pasha (the leader of Ottoman forces in the region) fall in love with each other, but it is a forbidden and impossible love in so many ways. Denounced by their nations the two lovers must beat every obstacle and prove to the world that they are meant for each other and only death can separate them.

Author: Hamit Çağlar Özdağ

Dove´s Blood

Victor is a young Bulgarian artist trying to cope with the difficult problems of his life in Berlin. His task seems impossible, until one day he meets beautiful Sophie by chance. The 50-year-old actress is a star at the European cinema and is ready to do anything to stay on top. They make a deal – Victor will pretend to be her new boyfriend and will receive a good amount of money for it. Everyone believes that the other is their ticket to a better life, until true love flames between them. But ghosts from their past are confronted by this connection, and they are dangerous. The game gets rough when it turns out that Sophie owns one of the most expensive rubies in the world – “Dove’s Blood”. Many people are ready to kill for this ruby, and Sophie and Victor’s love is being put to the test.

Author: Kapka Todorova

The Accident

Camila Segura had everything in life. Until her life crashed against a wall literally. From then on, a darker and more sinister Camila will have to face the world.

Camila is in the hospital taking care of her daughter that just had a car accident and starts a conversation with a strange man, who ends up offering her the “revenge” she wants with the man guilty of the accident. Then he will ask her for a small favor… and then another… she is soon involved in an illegal organisation that takes control of her life.

Will she be able to escape this world? And more importantly does she want to?

Author: Santiago Roncagliolo


No one knows if the killings are suicide or very well-planned murders. Veteran detective, Vishal Dixit, is partnered up with short- tempered & idealistic CID officer Kavya Joshi and discovers that it’s a sociopathic serial killer who is murdering drug addicts, and leaving notes at the crime scene as clues for the next murder. Along with notes he also leaves behind a red dice…

Author: Manuraj Dubay

Wonder Woman

One of the biggest Brazilian stars from TV and Radio, Elke Maravilha, died in 2015. She was a kind of TV:s Patti Smith for the Brazilians. She was an actress, tv judge, performer, who raised the flag of gender equality even when nobody talks about it. She was born in Russia and came to Brazil when she was 6 years old and spent more than 30 years on television. Everybody knows, loves and remembers her as the craziest but also the nicest woman on TV. 

This is her story!

Author: Chico Felitti

Rusty Hero

Jupe wakes up from a coma, in which he has been since a car crash in August 1978. Jupe and his friends tried to rob a summer cabin, but something must have gone horribly wrong and left Jupe in a coma. As Jupe wakes up, he realises that not only has the world changed but everybody sees him as the only one responsible for this shady crime 30+ years ago. Jupe starts to investigate what really happened and soon everyone seems to have something to hide. Jupe digs deeper and deeper into the robbery case, almost in a manic way, risking his own life, again. While trying to parry this new world, that has changed a lot over the past 30 years. 

Author: J P Koskinen


In fall 2001, the World Trade Center collapsed in NY. This triggers Fredrik to snap, he believes there is something wrong with the electricity grid and he sees strange changes in people. He seems immune and thus has a duty to tell the afterworld about what happened when the world collapsed. He escapes to an old bunker in the woods, bringing a small tape recorder which he uses as a diary, and through this we get to know him. He goes deeper into his paranoid and manic state, is anything happening outside of Fredrik’s head? We can’t know for sure. One day Fredrik sees a woman in the forest and he follows her. He concludes that she has not yet been affected by what is happening and decides to “help and protect” her from the unclear external threat, so he kidnaps her and hides her down in his shelter.

Here, the story changes shape because from now on we hear the captive woman’s voice, Karin. She wakes up in the bunker, having only a vague idea of what happened to her. In panic, she tries to get out. Finally she finds a gap under a mat that Fredrik used to decorate the dark pit with. This hatch opens downwards. Underground, a huge old Swedish military laboratory from the 40s is hidden. She grabs some of Fredrik’s supplies and goes down into the tunnel system. What’s moving in the shadows? Is it the kidnapper – or something even worse?

Author: Joel Wallon

Sky & Fall

Sky & Fall series is about the world-famous film star Alexander DeFall and the petty criminal trickster Rebecca Skyler. He has just returned to Sweden for a premiere at the National Theatre, she has just cheated money from a suburban gang. There is no indication that their paths will cross, but when they are both called to a law firm to open a will, their lives change. When they are attacked by unknown men they are forced to flee together. Nothing is the same as before and they have to work together to find out who is chasing them – and why. Red Dawn is the first book in the series. 

Author: Jesper Ersgård


Sleepy Time Tales

Sleepy Time Tales is a beautiful collection of stories that help children to find peace and quiet before falling asleep, with the help of their imagination. They are led into a positive and constructive world of adventures, and from there into the realm of dreams. The collection counts ten stories, plus two meditation exercises.

Author: Eva Rún Þorgeirsdóttir

Silver Falls

It is the year of 2067. Konráð is a rookie cop in a small town and already finds his job repetitive and uninteresting. Due to new technology, crime solving isn’t the task it used to be. Konráð is eager to impress his new boss and when an interesting case comes up his mind is set on solving it quickly. Konráð and Árný, an experienced detective, team up and are caught in a blizzard at a remote farm where a murder has been committed. The suspects in the case include both humans and robots and the detectives’ task is to stop the murderer on the loose before more killings take place. Is it only human nature that is deadly or can a robot go against its programming and kill?

Author: Einar Leif Nielsen

The Sanatorium

Everything seems to be coming along fine for the store manager Ugla, her husband and their two teen-agers. They’ve just moved into a new apartment in Kópavogur town, near the old sanatorium, and they are happily going about their daily lives. Soon, how-ever, strange incidents start to take place, which Ugla suspects their intemperate and borderline alcoholic neighbor, the artist Hrafn Vuong, is responsible for. The situation gets worse, reality is not as it seems, and when Ugla is on the brink of a nervous breakdown, she gets a message from a woman who stayed at the sanatorium before it closed down. The family is in great danger.

Author: Emil Hjörvar Petersen

The Dancer

Tony has been somewhat of an outcast his whole life, being raised by a sick and alcoholic mother who had once been a rising star in the Icelandic ballet scene. When his mother’s dreams of success in the world of ballet turn to dust, she attempts to transfer them to her son through cruel methods – and with terrible consequences. A body is found in a recreational area in Reykjavik, and has clearly been there for some time. Shortly another body is found, in a bad state, near the roots of mount Ulfarsfell close to Reykjavik. Investigative police officer Valdimar joins forces with rookie police officer Ylfa and together they discover that a vile murderer is on the loose. The Dancer is the first book in a series of three to five titles. 

Author: Óskar Guðmundsson

The Land of Different

Jojo is a brave boy who can run really fast. He has the habit of running with his dog to the brook and back. One day Jojo meets a little fox that’s different from any fox he’s ever seen. The fox, Hela, has a bright blue tail and can speak! Curious, Jojo follows the fox to the other side of the brook, to The Land of Different. That’s where Hela lives with his tiger friend Klaver. The big tiger can make his drawings come to live. Jojo can’t believe his eyes. Everything is so different from his side of the brook. But suddenly, strange things start happening in the land and Klaver’s drawings aren’t really coming to live anymore. Why is the magic disappearing? And can the three new friends solve the mystery before all the magic disappears forever?

Author: Fiona Rempt


Blood angel, season 1

After having captured a serial rapist, female investigator and criminal psychologist, Sofie Wolf, is approached to hunt down a serial killer. The killer arranges his victims face down, stabbed through the heart and with a big stone in their mouths, teeth are missing from the crime scene.

The murder scene is extremely organized; this is a killer in full control. Sofie is desperately trying to figure out a connection between the victims. She uses unconventional methods as she is super sensitive and understands people’s desires and cravings instantly and smells and hear better, almost like nocturnal animals. But at night she has troubles with recurring nightmares where the killer visits her and have sex with her before he kills her, possessing her like a demon. These haunting nightmares also bring messages from her unconscious mind and leads to hunt the killer down.

Author: Lotte Petri

Murder Island

Twelve year old Elin is going to spend the summer holidays with her grandparents. The day before Midsummer’s eve she meets a guy about the same age, Karzan. Elin has spotted a strange house out on a small island, a small bout ride out in the water, and asks Karzan about it. He tells her the story about the Murder Island. Elin is fascinated by the story about the young family who disappeared. The house has been empty ever since. The children decide to go to the house and look at the mysterious blood stain that is impossible to wash away. Murder island is an intriguing thriller for children between 9-12 years. 

Author: Camilla Lagerqvist


The Müritz Women

Belle, a descendant of the famous Müritz family, is having a family dinner organised as a farewell celebration before her gap year around the world. During the dinner Belle receives a medallion and photo album that once upon a time belonged to her grandmother Johanna. Both objects appear to contain a clue about a hidden family history and Belle decides to change her travel plans. She ends up in Florence where she finds an extraordinary book in Marco Burini’s museum taking her back in time to 1890’s. 

Author: Astrid Harrewijn


In the near future. Returning home from work, single mom Tilde discovers that her six year old son is missing. Traces lead to “The Group”, a big global tech conglomerate. Tilde and a worn policewoman, Ada, starts to investigate the dissapearance together with the irresponsible father Douglas. Tilde and Douglas become accused of a fatal terror attack and are suddenly on the run from both the underworld and the police. While trying to break in at “The Group” Tilde is taken by the police. In custody, she discovers that the kidnapping was a response to Douglas blackmailing “The Group” for his own economical benefit. The terror attack is a perfect excuse to get rid of Douglas and his claims and Tilde is just collateral damage. Douglas flees to northern Sweden but is killed by Ada who has figured out his role in the kidnapping and the boy is found safe and sound.

Author: JC Koldemo


During a particle accelerator test in Switzerland, something goes wrong. In a nearby village, Charroux, a festival is going on, when the inhabitants suddenly hear rumbling noises and see the gates of hell open above their heads. As everyone tries to get themselves to safety, seven-year-old Jimmie is struck by lightning and the inhabitants of Charroux start to experience strange phenomena. 

Author: Marja West

Ellen Holms: Private Eye

Former teacher Ellen Holms has just served a prison sentence for causing the death of one of her students. The case made national news  and many want to see her locked up for life. So that’s why her plan is to lay low. Go to the new job as a park ranger, take the detective course the rehabilitation board forced her to take, and not dwell on the past. But that’s easier said than done. Old relationships are knocking at the door and one day she receives an unpleasant letter. The sender is someone who can’t forget, and certainly can’t forgive. The police don’t take her seriously, and suddenly the skills from her detective course become crucial to staying alive.

Author: Nicolet Steemers

The maiden voyage

In 2089, the climate collapse is a fact. The situation on earth is acute, and Sweden is one of the last stable countries in the world. No one dares to hope that the country will last long.
The journalist Sameer Peshwara blames the climate catastrophe on the rich, so when the American billionaire Jessica Stein wants to hire him to write a book about her space project he is shocked. Why does she want one of her most ardent critics to write a book about her plan: to build a spaceship with the aim of colonizing another planet? But is it not too late to try to save humanity anyway? And does humanity even deserve to be saved?

Author: Joel Arvidsson

The Undertaker

Jarmo Kivi, middle-aged family man lives an imperceptible life in the suburbs and works in a funeral home. Kivi is a caring head of the family but disguised by his impeccable and invisible life, in the criminal world Kivi is a calculating and merciless player. From his hiding place in the funeral parlour, Kivi can run his efficient criminal business in peace. When Kivi learns that his most important confidant is planning to betray him to his worst enemy, the life-and-death struggle on a passenger liner begins. Who will survive to port, or will anyone?

Author: Marko Kilpi

The Return

As a young and newly graduated police officer, Signe Brask is assigned to a case involving a 10-year-old girl who has disappeared without a trace during a Christmas trip with her family. Despite a diligent search, the girl is not found. Signe Brask is the only member of the police force who continues to follow up the case. She is also the one who is contacted when, ten years later, a girl turns up at the station in Copenhagen and claims to be the missing one. Where has she been these ten years? The girl refuses to say anything, and when Signe starts to look into the case, she discovers that there are several things that don’t add up. And while she is working on the case, the family is struck by a new tragedy. 

Author: Lone Theils

Hannah and the Shaggy Dog

Hanna’s world is a magical land – all kinds of creepy creatures live at her house. (It’s just that the adults can not see them.) But nothing is scary when you have a friend like Shaggy Dog by your side! (Although, to tell the truth, this dog is a terrible coward.) Together with her beloved pet, Hannah will meet a ghost and a UFO, and most of all, she will try to solve the biggest mystery of all: Where has her dad gone? 

Author: Marcin Mortka

Egtved girl

The Egtved girl starts telling her story from the grave. From recounting her experiences of being examined by scientists, to lying in a museum, her memories drift further back to her Bronze Age life. A life no one should have to suffer. A life of betrayal, longing, return and being betrayed by one’s own family. But eventually her memories fade. Her name is Odilia. She is no more than a story now, but this is her story to tell.

Author: Linda Dielemans

A New Life

Adam considers the first reports about the disappearances of young women nothing more than a sensational curiosity. Until his father Daniel, recovering from a bone marrow transplant, begins to disappear at nights, only to return covered in mud, with his clothes torn and without any memory of what has happened. After more dead women are missing Adam starts to wonder with growing horror if the transplantation has changed the personality of his father and made him a serial killer. 

Author: Jakub Małecki

The Widows’ Funeral Parlour

Three widows, with very different lives and backgrounds, meet at a grief counselling group. Betty struggles to pay off the debts that her gambling husband left her and she is also going through menopause. Viveca, a former priest, and a somewhat snobbish intellectual and Eva a warm and caring lady who becomes like a mother to the other. Despite their differences, they become friends. And, after a wine soaked night together, they decide to start a funny and different funeral parlour. But all three of them hide dark secrets and soon they will threaten to put an end to their business and friendship.

Author: Johanna Nilsson


Mateusz Kaufman is a data specialist living in Warsaw. He has just established a business contact with a mysterious Dublin-based corporation called Ubique. At the same time elsewhere Alicja Rak, a burn-out history teacher, writes a blog revealing serious misconduct of local authorities and companies. As the paths of Mateusz and Alicja unexpectedly meet they are both drawn into a battle, where Mateusz finds himself fighting to save his brother – and Alicja to save her own life. 

Author: Michał Protasiuk


February 28, 1986. An old man is found wearing a bathrobe and slippers in the middle of a blizzard at Östermalmstorg in Stockholm. He speaks incoherently about being in the wrong body and in the wrong time and warns of the impending murdered of Sweden’s prime minister Olof Palme. A few hours later, Palme is shot dead in Stockholm. The man refuses to divulge anything to the police until he has spoken to a certain Elias Werner. Elias has no clue as to why the man wants to speak to him. Bewildered, he is escorted to the police station and to what will be the beginning of an incredible adventure. Bit by bit, the shocking truth about himself is revealed and Elias realizes that nothing in his life is what it seems to be.

Author: Jesper Ersgård


Minister Allan Bengtsson is Sweden’s most popular politician, as charismatic as he is whimsical. Now Deadline’s investigative journalists are sitting on an explosive revelation about the minister – a scandal that could bring down the government. But soon the warning bells begin to ring. Isn’t there something strange about the information? Meanwhile, young reporter Alma Engström is under a lot of pressure. Is she herself about to be exposed? Someone is out to get her. But who? All she knows is that it has to do with a murder case more than three decades old.

Author: Carl V Andersson

Helenes War

Helene is an ordinary girl who dreams of getting married and having children. And at the beginning of the war she didn’t have anything against the German soldiers in Denmark.
When she meets a young soldier, Johan, she doesn’t realise how he will change her life. When Johan is transferred to Germany, Helene realises she is pregnant. How can she raise a child with a German father in Denmark? She is in the resistance movement, and her relationship with a German soldier causes her a lot of trouble. As her parents find out that she is pregnant, she is thrown out and is now alone. At the same time, her former friends in the resistance movement think that she is a snitch. It now becomes crucial for her to clear her name. Can she do that? And how will she manage on her own?

Author: Pernille Juhl

Pyromaniac 1

Klara Larson and Sebastian Vinther are called to a small town to investigate a fire crime. A teenage boy is locked in a closet and burns to death as the house becomes an inferno. The younger brother is also missing. Who is behind this dark crime? A lust killer?
As the investigation develops, many secrets are uncovered in the town. Not least of which is that Klara likes to set the occasional fire…Will she keep this secret hidden as she and Sebastian grow closer….?

Author: Inger Wolf

The Agra Murder Diaries

The author Chandrashkehar and his servant Ravi, move to Agra to reignite his writing career. As his new crime novel starts to take shape, he’s publisher is murdered. The police become suspicious when similarities between his novel and the actual murder come to light.
When more murders happen around them, both men are prime suspects, but as Ravi’s behaviour becomes more eccentric, the only logical explanation is that he is the killer.
As the net tightens around the two men, the police discover an extraordinary truth. Ravi is a figment of his master’s imagination.

Author: Akshay Anand Kohli

Memory Thieves

Amanda Noriega lives the life she has always dreamed of. She is the owner of a small haberdashery in Barcelona, she is the mother of two boys and the wife of Sebastián a prestigious neurosurgeon. What Amanda doesn’t know is that behind her perfect life lies a hidden secret. Through an audio narrative, created by different voice we will discover how a
set of different coincidences will have Amanda questioning her reality. Who is Amanda? Is her husband really who he says he is? Has her previous life been stolen? Suspense in a medical spy thriller and a plot to rule the world, robbing her of her memories.

Author: Emma Mussoll

Oh Karitas

A dysfunctional family of three, a middle aged man with two teenagers, moves to a remote village in Iceland. Soon, they discover that the house they moved into is haunted and the mysterious woman they invite to their home is a ghost. This undead woman is actually seeking help. Two malicious and horrific creatures have been feeding on the villagers’ minds for a long time, causing unexplained depression and even suicide. The creatures are in disguise as an old woman and her strange son. After very frightening events, psychological tension and violent outburst, the man and the teenagers decide to help the undead woman and, hopefully, freeing the village in the process.

Author: Emil Hjörvar Petersen

At the Bottom of the River

When Tanja Eibl disappears overnight from her house in Berlin-Köpenick, nobody really seems to worry. The lawyer urges the police to investigate the case. The Köpenick chief inspector Arenales, son of a Peruvian communist and an East Berlin woman, has enough of his own problems. But something about Tanja Eibl’s disappearance bothers him. Little by little he discovers inconsistencies and makes him suspect that the woman was a victim of a crime.

Author: Felix Mennen

Love on the Other Side

Love on the Other Side takes romance fiction literally by catapulting the reluctant heroine Juna right into the middle of her best friend’s favourite book. So, what happens, when reality and fiction collide? The reader follows Juna on her adventures as a novel character and experience first-hand the changes in her attitude and outlook on life and love.

Author: Laurie Jixon

I am the Rose of Sharon

When a skeleton appears on Christiania in Copenhagen, investigator Christian Porsing understands immediately that something creepy is going on although his colleagues are convinced that this is just a practical joke. By chance, a former star profiler from the German police, Sigga Freitag, is visiting Copenhagen, and Christian decides to seek her out and get her opinion of the case. I am the Rose of Sharon is the  first installment in Jakob Melanders new crime fiction series featuring the star profiler Sigga Freitag.

Author: Jakob Melander


Advertising agency manager Charlotte´s career takes an unexpected turn and her high-performance lifestyle is cracking. She is forced to re-evaluate her notions of how life should be lived. At the same time, the entrepreneur Kent in the small village Hanfors has come up with a brilliant business to attract tourists to his holiday village, swimming with pikes. He just needs a little help with the marketing. When Charlotte suddenly moves to Hanfors to seek privacy, Kent sees his chance.

Author: Cecilia Klang

No 11

When he was younger John played for the national football team and was a hero, now he is just a middle-aged, divorced man, who owns a red Porsche. Then he discovers Luka. Luka, the 17 year old football genius. Luka, the troubled young man whose father is in prison, who is full of self-confidence and who, when facing a challenge, asks himself “what would Zlatan have done?” John and Luka. Two versions of the same person with just age and time between them. This is their story. A story about hope, trust and love; and never giving up…

Author: Mette Finderup & Nils Finderup

Revolutionary Wives

Revolutionary Wives is a hilarious, entertaining and anarchist reverse-romantic comedy. The first season sees a 35-year-old woman called Anni, tired of social norms and outside expectations, choosing to leave her perfect boyfriend. In the second season, Anni is forced to ponder on brand new frills of relationship and babies. Both times, she leaves for America to find answers with her friend Irene.

Author: Elina Kilkku

The City of Masquerade

Amir is trying to get his university degree as the first one in his family. Coming from the Stockholm suburb he does everything to hide his background in order to blend in with his friends from affluent homes. Amir’s dream of a better life is just about to become true when one day he makes a fatal mistake and all of a sudden he is the prime suspect of a serious crime. When everything falls apart the only question left is who can you trust. Winner of the Best Audio Book of the Year 2017.

Author: Maria Monciu

Patrick the Pirate

Patrick the Pirate is a little boy who lives with two formidable thieves: his mother Pamella and his grandmother Priscilla. Patrick would like to go to school, read books and play with his friend Madeline, but his mum and grandmother cannot stop plundering. His mother worries that going to school could bring an egg on the face of the bad reputation of the whole family. Patrick decides he has had enough of the thievery. He vows to turn Pamela and Priscilla into reputable citizens. But how?

Author: Roope Lipasti

Animals on Green Hill

Life at the Waterhole at the foot of Green Hill is peaceful and tranquil until a strange squirrel, named Hannibal, suddenly appears. The squirrel has just been set free from captivity and it is clear that he needs serious help. Reluctantly, two of the inhabitants of Green Hill, the bird Chirp and the Frog Ribbit, start teaching him the necessary survival skills for life in the Wild. In spite of their differences a beautiful friendship takes form.

Author: Søren Jessen


The fake clairvoyant Tilia is contacted by her uncle Aron who works as a Police commissioner. He needs her help in solving a tragic murder case where a 15 year old girl has been found dead hanging from a tree. Afraid of exposing herself as a fraud, Tilia accepts. But when seeing a photo of the poor dead girl, Tilia is struck by a powerful vision – for real this time. It seems that evil has awakened in the small town they live in, and now it’s up to Tilia and her uncle to stop it.

Author: Erik Thulin

HC Andersen Murderer

On the very first day of 2019 a ten-year-old girl is found murdered in a backyard in Odense. Her
body is set up as a morbid work of art, a detailed copy of the final scene in H. C. Andersen’s fairy tale “The Little Match Girl” froze to death, clutching a pile of burned-out matches. A macabre case that quickly attracts the attention of the world press and ignites fear throughout the population; is there a serial killer at large and are there more “works of art?”

Author: Sanna Wind Hansen & Brian Wind Hansen

PS someone has to pay

P.S. is an international company with the secret mission to search and punish high-ranking members of the former Eastern Bloc Communist parties who have escaped democratic justice.
The current target is Mr. Green, who is hiding on the exotic island San Matador. The enigmatic P.S agent Michael is recruited as the mission executor, who along with his formidable handler tracks Green to his luxury hideaway. But Michael carries a secret personal vendetta and in order to close the door to his past, he intends to punish Green in the most unexpected way.

Author: Bogdan Rusev


Agathe is left alone when her true love Erik passes away, or is she? Apparently he has three adult children, of which two she knew about, the twins Maja and Mark and then the unknown daughter Mona, all with their own characteristics. Agathe starts to spy on the children meanwhile Maja, Mark and Mona try to keep their lives together. Will a family dinner, setup by Agathe, change their perspective of family and love?

Author: Marie Louise Cornelius

The Chamber of Sofia Tholl

The timid student Hildur has just begun her summer job, packing away ancient artifacts in a museum, soon to be shut down. When she finds the diary of Sofia Tholl, an eccentric woman who collected artifacts for the museum, she and her new colleague, the bold and courageous Eva, learn about Sofias travels to Iceland and her struggle to be accepted in the manly world of science. Dead for many years, Hildur suddenly starts to feel the eerie presence of Sofia. It is as she is protesting against the shutdown of the museum.

Author: Elisabeth Östnäs

People like us

A love story about Mauricio, a young Mexican who comes to Miami dreaming of becoming a photographer. There is Jimmy, a university professor, passionate about politics and who dreams of one day becoming a father, the two fall in love. After 13 years of a solid life, only one thing seems to overshadow their relationship: they want to become parents. They want to adopt a baby but the problem is that for people like them it is not so easy to start a family. They must overcome all kinds of obstacles and prejudices in order to have the daughter they dream of.

Author: José Ignancio Valenzuela

Our Secret

Ana, Eve, Loret and Maripi are four inseparable friends from 25 years ago when they went to boarding school together. Now they are now trying to stay in touch and support each other via a Whatsapp thread. A lot of secrets are revealed when the truth catches up with them and they begin to live as they want and not as they should. These secrets includes murder, affairs and old unforgettable love between people in the group.

Author: Bibbiana Ricciardo

The Resurrection of Dr. Mingelgrin

When two murder victims are found in Timber Valley, the well-liked chief inspector Fredrik and his ex Louise, a private eye, are set on solving the deaths. Fredrik suspects a dubious lady, Mariana Sivkova. But the tracks point towards a legendary man called Dr Mingelgrin, a doctor at an orphanage who saved Timber Valley from corruption many years ago. But he has been dead for over a hundred years. Is he alive again or is it someone impersonating him, with an agenda on his or her own?

Author: Gustaf Gustafsson

The Blue Mountain

The Blue Mountain is a Danish fantasy series about the ase boy Ask and the valkyrie girl Siv and their friendship. Ask and Siv belong to two different worlds and have very different lives but a strong friendship knows no boundaries. Blue Mountain is a lovely, adventurous fairytale with lots of humor for both boys and girls from 8 years and up. The first book in the series was the winner of the Mofibo Awards 2020 in the category of Best Children’s Book of the Year.

Author: Karsten Mungo Madsen

The Wishing Well

After receiving a formal complaint from her supervisor, the bitter and pill addicted doctor Margareta seeks solace on Darknet where she stumbles on a page called “The Wishing Well”. It promises a protected zone where she can ventilate her forbidden thoughts. When her inner wishes suddenly start to become true, Margareta must decide between good and evil. But even if she wanted, can she really change what is about to happen…? 

Authors: Peo Bengtsson & Felicia Welander

One of her boys

Kalle is a 25-year-old single guy who works as a bartender in Stockholm. One night Lilian comes to his bar. She is older, worldly and mysterious, a BDSM woman who knows what she wants. Lilian shows Kalle the art of submission and opens up a world of pleasure for him. She leads and he follows. But can he break his old habits and truly give in to submission? One of her boys is an erotic contemporary drama about sex, trust, friendship and last but not least: love.

Author: Eli Winther

Spirited away

In the summer of 1987 four slightly edgy and lonely 12 year olds formed a club “The Nerds”. They find a sanctuary from anxiety and tormentors and revel in their obsession with horror stories. But the summer ends in tragedy when one of them ​​under horrific forms disappears in the tunnel system in Stockholm. No one really saw what happened but everyone understands it was something really scary. Was she pushed down into a shaft? Where did the blood come from? And the deafening silence? Nearly thirty years later, “The Nerdes” converged again. Now with a single goal, to put everything right.

Author: Linda Skugge & Sigrid Tollgård

Blue Moon

In the 1950s the largest fire in North America was raging. The Harnats who recently move into the old mining town of Moon River suddenly see the town’s inhabitants all starting to die in very gory ways and decide to escape. The night before their escape a sinister blue moon appears in the fire-ravaged sky and a mysterious figure appears in their garden. The truth is that Nature itself, destroyed by the miners, brings justice to itself. This is a saga based on native Indian folklore, when the fire dies, terrible things begin to happen…

Author: Maciek Sanik

Forget me not

Mie is settling into a new apartment and new job working night shift at a nursing home, whilst trying to forget about her time in a psychiatric ward. As a custody battle with her ex threatens to drain her, strange things start to happen at the nursing home and she has the distinct impression that someone or something is following her. In all this her colleague Michael begins to show interest in her, an interest that becomes extreme. The pressure becomes unbearable, is she slipping back into her old obsessive behaviours? She will try anything to alleviate the pressure, even a seance at the nursing home. But will her demons overcome her…?

Author: Teddy Vork

Tinderella in the land of Astrology

Neha is attractive, independent​, and a​ ​social butterfly. She is an incorrigible liar​ ​who has ​never faced​ a rejection. On her 29th birthday,​ ​while she expected​ ​a wedding ring from ​her current love​, ​she gets rejected instead.  An epiphany strikes her that all her ex-boyfriends have got married but she is still single and that’s when she announces to the world that she’ll be married in 3 months no matter what.​ ​Now the fun ride of ​finding a groom with help of Tinder begins, and this with some help from an intelligent, good looking astrologer.

Author: Anand Sharma

King Gustav the III

Nils is surprised when a man with a white-powdered face crawls out of a side attic in his apartment. He turns out to be the Swedish king Gustav III who wants to hurry away to the masquerade ball at the Opera, an event that actually killed him 223 years ago. When he enters the streets of Stockholm he discovers a changed city whose citizens lack style and finesse, but he welcomes that they want to portray with him in something called “selfie”. It is not easy for him to gain power in today’s society but he soon finds advice. He’s going to be the prime minister!

Author: Christian Holmqvist

Julia Menken

Julia Menken combines her job as a police profiler on a cold case team with a demanding private life taking care of her burned out husband and two children. Suddenly her help is required to solve the brutal murder of a young boy. This case has a deadline on it and changes her life priorities, and it also opens up a trauma that she’s been putting away for years.

Author: Chantal Van Mierco


A car accident puts Süreyya and her boss Ferit both in a coma. What is weirder is while their bodies lie unconscious, their spirits are free to roam. Now they have to stop an evil duo who put them in this position, Ferits partner and also Süreyyas love interest, from killing them at their hospital beds, find out the reason for their sinister plan and most importantly find true love in each other through this adventure.

Author: Arzu Daştan Mutlu

Dreaming of Tom

Tom is a famous artist with a solid facade but the truth is different. After a scandalous affair with a known and married actor he flees Stockholm and hides in the countryside in a small cabin that he rents from the shy and insecure farmer Arvid. Despite their different backgrounds it doesn’t take long until they find interest in each other and fall in love. But just as the fairy tail could end, reality sets in and Tom starts doubting his decision to leave Stockholm and his former life. He knows what he has but not what he will end up with.

Author: Sara Dalengren

Murder at the Castle

Debut author Henny Hoff can hardly believe it’s true. She is to be starring in the TV program “D as in detective stories” and hang out with famous authors in a wonderful castle. But the castle is dilapidated, the contestants are snobby and one of them has even disappeared without a trace. As one participant after another gets into trouble, Henny begins to feel like she’s in a mystery where someone wants to put an end to them all … 

First book in a series with Henny Hoff. Perfect for all lovers of Agatha Christie.

Author: Madeleine Gustafsson

If I fall

Growing up  in a small city, Hannah is a loyal daughter, working in her father’s company and taking care of him after a stroke. Her uncle Filip is now in charge of the company which is in financial trouble. Then William shows up, and Hannah’s life is suddenly played in color. William is the son of Filip’s college friend that he wants to invest in the company. William and Hannah fall for each other. Hannah also finds out that Filip has his own agenda for the company, an agenda she has to stop. But even more importantly, does she dare to follow her heart and move with William to England? 

Author: Anne Thorogood

Eve’s First Week

Meet Eve: Mom, accountant, happy 40+ single, with a carefree lifestyle. And after a sex party gone wrong, also a vampire. Struggling to come to terms with her new state of being, she wants revenge on those who turned her. But her new life also comes with advantages and she discovers her true powers in being a vampire. Unfortunately that leads to someone wanting to see her even more dead than she already is …

Author: Anders Fager


Jason works as a technician at Mnemosyne Inc that offers clients to use their brains more effectively by filtering unnecessary information. When his crush, the company’s psychiatrist, gets mugged and loses her memory, his investigations of what happened leads Jason down a spiraling path that will reveal his employer’s real incentives. Mnemosyne Inc can not only delete memories but also incorporate new ones. Used in the wrong hands, this is a deadly weapon that threatens to destroy mankind.

Author: Kit A. Rasmussen

The One Eyed King

A recent pandemic has left all mankind blind. But when a murder occur that indicates that the killer can see, ex-policeman Max becomes personally involved when his nephew is the victim. Being blind for other reasons than the virus, Max has a huge advantage compared to others. Now he must use all his senses to catch the killer. But in a blind world, the one eyed is king. And he has just started his killing spree…

Author: Jakub Ćwiek

Orchestra of Bandits

What seems to be a hostage situation during a simple bank robbery aired live on the Internet, carried out by men masked as cute cartoons, grows into something far more complicated. The hostages are carefully chosen and manipulated to arrive at the bank simultaneously, where the robbers have a message to deliver to each hostage. As the police and the whole world watches on Youtube, will the robbers deliver messages of revenge or solace?

Author: Mustafa Mutlu

Stockholm Psycho

What would you do if your best friend wanted help with getting rid of a body? Karin’s monotonous life comes to an abrupt end when she receives the call from her successful friend Viktoria who desperately asks for precisely that. The two friends’ posh way of living collides with nightly missions all over Stockholm, trying to get rid of body parts. But as their morale slowly bends, will their friendship survive? And has Victoria had her own agenda all along?

Author: Anna Bågstam

The Stranger

A British family moves into a new apartment and their toddler, Alfie, starts speaking Swedish with an ‘imaginary friend’, Oskar. Stay at home dad Fergus becomes increasingly terrified that either he is losing his grip on sanity, or that Oskar is real and somehow speaking to his son.

Fergus discovers that the previous year, a little boy of Alfie’s age disappeared from the apartment. The mother is currently in a psychiatric hospital; guilty of her son’s murder by the ‘court of public opinion’, never charged by the police. He and former detective Alex team up to investigate and are led into a labyrinth of lies and corruption. 

Author: CS Duffy


”I’ve interviewed the five of them and they’re … Damn, they’re the weirdest group of friends I’ve ever met”. A harmless prank ends in a tragic death. Five friends desperately enter a cowardly pact – that even includes Voodoo – to cover up their tracks. The crime investigation is led by the enthusiastic Detective Nunez who must put all his efforts to solve this strange case. 

Author: César Pérez Gelida

The Glitch in the Code

When 12 year old Afia tests an early version of an AR-game that her mother is developing, she accidentally lets out a monster from the game into the real world. The monster Lina becomes the friend that Afia has wanted for so long. But Lina is in danger, and now Afia must fight for her friend’s life.

Author: Eira A. Ekre


On a scorching summer day, the whole world is struck by a mysterious and deadly virus. The lone wolf Amanda, the caring mother Iris who would do anything for her daughter Sigrid, and 12 year old Dano who fled the horrors of the war in Syria are among the few survivors in Stockholm. Now they are forced to struggle for their existence in a collapsed world where they seemingly no longer have a place. 

Author: Daniel Åberg

The Airport

The Airport tells nine stories of compassion, trust, revenge, remorse and selfishness through a group of people that came to the airport for some reason, bound in conflicts of love somehow. 

All stories have a “will they” or “won’t they” kind of question and all stories are blending together in the end.

Author: Bülent Çallı

14 Valley Street

While investigating a murder of a little girl at Valley Street 14 in 1954, superintendent Olof Brandt is murdered, and the case is not solved. Fast forward to 2017 and the story repeats itself when another little girl in the same house vanishes and is found dead at the same address. The police suspect the mother’s lover and Jessica Bolton, who has been spying on the man, is given the case. But the investigation gets complicated and it’s soon obvious that the past is still present, and that the old house harbours dark secrets from the beginning of the twentieth century.

Author: Karina Berg Johansson & Magnus Nordin


Anuja takes retirement from the Army as her husband, also in the Army, and she decides to live a civilian’s life with their two children. Anuja soon joins an NGO, and helps out impoverished women in distress and as she sees how powerful and lustful men are brutalising women and children and she decides to take the law into her own hands. Boosted by her new-found power she decides to play judge, jury and executioner in a number of cases. 

Author: Shashadhar


“Speech is silver, silence is gold. Everyone is a suspect, so keep your mouth shut: you’ll find out more than you ever wanted …”

Nina wakes up and can’t open her eyes. She doesn’t remember what happened, only that she is a TV hostess who was rehearsing her wedding with her surgeon fiance. She is now in a hospital and poisoned somehow. People surrounding her think she is in a coma and speak freely, so she decides to keep her mouth shut to find out who’s trying to kill her and why.

Author: Lydia Rood

Black Dolphin

Thomas Rasmussen is a hero as unlikely as they come. He fears nothing and navigates through life by calculating the outcome of social situations. But love changes all this and it triggers a string of events that quickly spirals out of control and he ends up in Russia’s toughest prison the “Black Dolphin”. He literally has to fight for his own survival against other inmates in gladiator–style matches arranged by the prison guards. 

Author: Christian Frost

Summer Karlsson

Summer is 36 years old, obese, unemployed, no friends and no life. Her mother has taken care of her, and made her addicted to food and pills, so when her mother dies she finds herself alone and lost in this world, and all she wants is to become a mother and blend into society.

Before she knows it she is starting a private detective business together with her new personal assistant Yusef, a Syrian refugee with an excessive positive attitude and endless patience. And slowly she turns her life around even though the way is bumpy and sometimes hilarious.

Author: Johanna Nilsson