Storytel Originals take the stage!

We at Storytel Agency are proud to announce a set of stories that already have or will soon be staged in different theaters in Sweden and Mexico.

In Asesina íntima, author Bernardo Esquinca mixes fact and fiction to explore the life and crimes of ‘La Mataviejitas’, a Mexican professional wrestler who was found guilty of committing multiple murders of women over 60 years old. This Storytel Original novel will be set up on stage by producer Cristina Vazquez who is the director of Contenidos Artísticos Producción y Difusión. Asesina Intima has also been published in Spanish as a print edition.  

Freak by Karina Berg will be staged by a Swedish school class at Midgårdsskolan in Umeå to begin with after which the play has a chance of being staged at the local municipal theater. Freak is an intriguing story about Rachel, an excellent high school student with perfect grades, who one night gets attacked in the park. The new student Daniel is instantly a suspect. What is going on? 

Miras magic notebook by Johanna Schreiber will have its premiere in Spring 2022 at Teater Tabberas, a Swedish children’s . It’s a story about Mira who gets a notebook as a gift. At first, it seems to be just a regular book but when Mira starts to write a question in the book, the book replies. It’s pure magic!

Stackars Birger by Martina Montelius had a premier at Örebro theater, Sweden, in September 2020. This Storytel Original was written during the #metoo autumn and has been called the first Swedish #metoo novel.

We at the Storytel Agency are on a mission to give our Storytel Originals new life in different formats. If you’re interested in licensing Storytel Originals for execution in  print, TV, Film or any other new format, we at the Storytel Agency are here to help you.