Brazilian Fever!

Our Brazilian Storytel Original “Wonder Woman” (Mulher Maravilha) by author Chico Felitti has been licensed for print and optioned for audio visual format.

This amazing story is about one of the biggest Brazilian stars from TV and Radio, Elke Maravilha, who passed away in 2015. She spent more than 30 years working within television in multiple forms. Everybody knows, loves and remembers Elke Maravilha as the craziest but also nicest woman within TV and Chico Felitti really gives her the dignified, truthful portrayal she deserves.

Chico Felitti, one of the most important contemporary Brazilian journalists and author of the bestseller Ricardo & Vania and winner of the Petrobras Journalist Awards of 2018, has in this Storytel Original dug deeper into Elke Maravilhas life. He has, together with great research of her life been adding interviews that he made with her in the 2000´s, one of the few journalists that had the opportunity and access to do this, and actually got to talk to and open the so well hidden door to her life.

Print rights are sold to Todavia livros and the Film/TV Option is sold to Brigitte Films. 

Also the Brazilian Storytel Original “Queens of the Night” (“Rainhas da noite) written by Chico Felitti is sold for Film/TV via an Option to RT Features.

Viva o Brasil !!!